To new shores with custom-tailored molecules

We offer innovative molecular design & virtual screening solutions for chemical and pharmaceutical R&D.


We create new chemical entities on demand, featuring multi-target activity profiles or designer selectivity.


We develop artificial intelligence systems enabling the discovery of bioactive new chemical entities.


We provide premier scientific consulting services for chemical and pharmaceutical R&D.


Readymade molecular designs

gems® offers an elite source of intellectual property and unique expertise for innovative pharmaceutical and biotechnological research and development.

We provide know-how and world-leading technology for virtual screening of pioneering de novo designed molecular agents. Our clients are among the world's top pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology and cosmeceutical enterprises.'s founders created and defined the terms "scaffold-hopping" and "frequent-hitters" in drug discovery and developed industry-proven molecular design algorithms like CATS (Chemically Advanced Template Search) and DOGS (Design Of Genuine Structures). Our groundbreaking CopyCATS de novo molecular design technology permits rapid discovery of new chemical entities with desired properties and tailored polypharmacology.'s unique Collection Of Bioactive Reference Analogs (COBRA) and unrivaled macromolecular target prediction technique TIGER (Target Inference GEneRator) enables the "deorphaning" of bioactive agents like natural products and phenotypic screening hits. The current version of TIGER considers up to 1394 individual targets and target classes. POOMA (PrOjection Of Molecular Attributes) software generates fitness landscapes for focused compound library design, and enables rapid data clustering for diversity analysis. Own technology development and drug discovery projects continuously strengthen's innovation potential.

Founded in 2013 as an ETH spin-off company and managed by expert professionals,'s exclusive discovery platform, strong track record and solid partnerships enable a rennaissance of small-molecule drug discovery and provide the foundation for custom-tailored medicines of the future. は日本の製薬産業、化学産業、生命科学産業と長年に渡り信頼関係を築いており、高品質のサービスを提供いたしております。 お問い合わせは に直接ご連絡をいただくか、日本の代理店でも対応いたしております (。

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